Shepard Fairey: Obey This Film from Brett Novak on Vimeo.

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Several months ago I was commissioned by the Halsey Institute out of Charleston, South Carolina to shoot a short film on the infamous street artist behind OBEY: Shepard Fairey. I definitely knew Shepard’s work, whether it be that repetitive face of Andre the Giant popping up at every street corner I’ve ever been on, or as the Obama Poster that definitely did more for an election than just add aesthetic to it - but I was not aware at how incredibly inspiring Shepard would turn out to be. For a new understanding of how this skateboarder turned mega famed street star turned out to be, check this film out.

Saying, “Goodbye” to Facebook

Decided to delete my Facebook profile & pages and say, “Goodbye,” to Facebook. Wanted to post this here in case anyone missed my final status post.

Friends and “friends” - i’ve decided it’s time to get rid of my facebook profile and pages. If you need me, or want to contact me, please email me or follow me on some other sites - see my website below to connect via those avenues.

Before I go, a little bit about why I’m doing it. I shared a video yesterday about how Facebook craps on our privacy. That’s part of it. As an owner of several pages — it sucks that people who like my pages aren’t even seeing the content I post. As someone who is starting a business - I rely on the word-of-mouth sharing from people, and if those people who have shown interest aren’t seeing what I’m posting - what’s the point? Facebook hides the content, asks you to buy ad space and then delivers fake followers. I’m not interested in running a business based on “likes” - I’d rather operate under integrity, honesty, and earning people’s business, and I’d rather NOT use methods that are obviously not in line with those things. 

I’m not vanishing from the face of the earth —- just from the time-sucking black-hole that is Facebook. Thanks to the 1,247 of you (probably only 100-200 will actually see this) who have made it worth keeping Facebook. 

I’ll be keeping my profile until later tonight, then hitting delete. Please visit my site and shoot me an email and/or follow me on the other networks.

- matt

Here’s the video I mentioned above:

So there’s this guy - Jason Surfrapp (formerly Jason Sadler & Jason Headsetsdotcom) - who I’ve been following for years. His wisdom and knowledge when it comes to business, sales, marketing, pursuing doing what you love for a living has helped me a ton in everything I’ve done.

Yesterday, after a year of hard work, he launched his first book, “Creativity For Sale”. I haven’t read it yet - but I plan on getting it when I’m able. Until then - I wanted to help make his launch successful, so I changed my Facebook cover photo & profile pic to what you see above. 

Go check it out and help support an incredibly talented entrepreneur and an even better dude.